Hypester’s  Crypto Trading Course

Beginner/Intermediate – 11:40 hours

$249 in NEUTRONS

The goal of this course is to profit from trading cryptocurrencies. A short time will be spent explaining the basics of BTC and the blockchain technology. 80% of this course is focused on making money investing and trading cryptocurrencies – it will open your eyes to trade styles and possible paths for your financial growth.

Module 1 : Crypto Trading Basics

What, how, which, where, why. Let’s cover all the basic principles of trading, what it takes to stay in the game and how crypto is so different from the other markets.

Module 2 : Crypto Trading Essentials

90% of traders blow out their accounts because they neglect this most important part. Understand and prepare yourself for what you’ll experience and how to stay in the zone.

Module 3 : Crypto Trading Technical Analysis

We will cover the most used and basic tools to start trading and adapt them to the crypto world.

Module 4 : Crypto Trading Advanced Module

Let’s dive deep into the most used indicators, formulas and mathematical models. We will explore habits and ways to keep yourself on track and constantly growing with realistic metrics.

Roderick Specter

Instructor Roderick Specter has been trading NASDAQ, BOVESPA, FOREX, Penny Stocks and Futures since 2008. He started trading crypto in early 2017, worked as CIO at Torus Capital Crypto Fund and now is assembling his own fund. He uses objective english and his simple examples make trading and investing approachable.

Battle-tested & Real Results

What My Students Say

I did the Trade course with Roderick and it was definitely the best investment I ever made. Extremely didactic content, strategies that can and will help everyone achieve incredible levels of income. Since I took the course (3 days ago) I got a few transactions and a result higher than 70% OF PROFIT! BELIEVE, your financial life will change after this course!

– Alexander Elias

Excellent course for those who want to start in the area of ​​crypto-coins trading and pursue a career. Modern didactics, straight to the point. It is worth noting that it is not a magic trick, it is necessary to study, train and discipline to succeed.

– Rodrigo Santos

I have known the universe of bitcoin and cryptocurrency for a long time, I had contact with this technology, from the beginning, as a curious enthusiast, I knew that it was an emerging market, because of the disruptive nature of creation. I got involved and today I know a lot of people related to this world, but I never found who could show me what I was looking for. Until I met Rod and realized that there was a knowledge and practice that, even as a beginner, I could vastly widen my radius of vision. I took the cryptotrader course and I can really say that it is like learning a new language. The data, indicators, situations, and patterns that did not make the slightest sense now do, and I did not imagine that in such a short time I was able to learn and profit so much. Intensive course, precise methodology, practical and without allegories. I recommend to everyone, it was worth every penny! It was a great pleasure and I just have to thank you. Who comes next!

– Diego Sangiorgi

This course opened my mind to the main reasons people don’t profit. It’s almost like everybody else is looking at the wrong thing. After this course, and the profits after the intensive seminar, I decided to make trading one of my main sources of revenue even though I already run a successful marble quarry business. If you are not willing to invest this little in such an unlimited potential….well don’t complain if you remain broke! Thanks Rod for all the insights and can’t wait for the next crash course!!!

– Guilherme Cavalcante

Safer Portfolio & More Profits

The course is filled with tips & tricks on how to easily protect your profits and decrease your risks drastically. Learn entry and exit points.

Financial Freedom & Retirement

Trading is a skill that only gets better with time and the more money you have, the less risky it gets. Make money from anywhere at any time just with a PC.

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